The House of Louisa Bracq

1912. Louisa Bracq, where it all began

Born in 1912 into a humble family of coal miners, Louisa had to take care of her sick mother at a young age. A diligent and bright student, she harbored a passion for music, which her uncle encouraged by gifting her a piano for her tenth birthday.

In addition to music, adolescence introduced Louisa to needlework, sewing, and intricate embroidery, which she would soon turn into her profession.

As the 1930s dawned, she crafted sophisticated outfits, coats with large cape collars, tailored jackets stitched with saddle stitches, and dresses adorned with embroidery. She also embroidered her silk lingerie with "drawn thread" designs. Her palette was refined, and English embroidery "Broderie Anglaise" soon became her specialty.

In 1938, the Bracq Workshops were founded

Music binds her to a clarinettist, Kléber. They marry in 1937, and it's a perfect match! Combining their talents, they establish an embroidery workshop for Louisa in 1938 in Caudry, northern France. From their marriage comes daughter, Chantal in 1940.

Quickly, the most prestigious Parisian haute couture houses covets her exquisite embroidery creations.

During the war, fortunately, embroidery was not rationed. Thus, Louisa's workshop continues to produce its beautiful embroideries.

Post war, the splendor and fashion of the 1950s give new life to this profession. With growing demand for French haute couture dresses complimented with lingerie, Louisa's fine embroideries remain in high demand.

1961. The second Bracq generation

Having inherited her mother's skills, Chantal grew up honing her expertise in embroidery making. In 1961, the young woman married embroiderer, Pierre Bracq. Together, they joined Louisa's workshop, with Chantal focusing on creation and Pierre taking on the role of managing the business.

The 1960s fashion brought about vibrant colors, dynamic shapes, and new materials, leading to an unprecedented demand for Broderie Anglaise.

The artisanal know-how, passed down from one generation to the next, not only continued but also strengthened, as the company resisted the allure of outsourcing. All embroidery production remained in Caudry, northern France.

2007. Embroidery, the House's Specialty

Following in Chantal's footsteps, her two sons inherit her living legacy. Thus, in 2007, Vincent and Jérôme establish the brand Louisa Bracq as a tribute to their grandmother.

The inheritance comprises thousands of embroidery samples and an unrivalled expertise.

While safeguarding this heritage, the two men prioritize research and innovation as pivotal to their growth.

2014. A New Creative impulse

After training with the best corset makers to meet the house's high standards, Louisa Bracq transitioned from being a supplier of embroidery to becoming a lingerie designer by launching it’s own luxury lingerie line in 2007.

Then came the fourth generation: Matthieu, who has since 2014 held the position of Artistic Director. The motto remains unchanged: Louisa Bracq remains true to the craftsmanship, harmony, and sophisticated colors of its founder's style.

Through lingerie, Louisa Bracq perpetuates the technical mastery that has made it’s embroidery famous. Its high level of technical expertise now allows it to offer the greatest comfort by adapting to all body types while offering luxurious collections at the forefront of fashion.

Listening to contemporary needs and leveraging its unique expertise, Louisa Bracq is now turning towards new collections dedicated to Lifestyle.

Today. The Codes Are Changing

Embroidery remains our DNA; it is the foundation of Louisa Bracq. We craft it in our own workshops and possess a unique expertise that allows us great creativity.

The brand is known for its expertise in large cup sizes, and we rise to the challenge of combining comfort and allure, proper fit and aesthetics, in all sizes.

Matthieu Bracq

Products & Styles

A product meticulously crafted to be comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and functional, reflecting a passion for innovation and precision.

The Louisa Bracq style is contemporary, drawing inspiration from urban culture and interpreting these references in a conceptual manner.

Designed for all body types and ages: from 30 to 46, from cup size A to K, and from dress size XXS - 6XL.

French Embroidery

Our embroidery factory is located in the Cambrai region, the historical heartland of embroidery in France.

Each creation in our studio reflects a sophisticated creative process. Detailed like a piano score.

Father and son, Vincent and Matthieu, work as a duo to create new embroidery creations that have never been seen before. All the way from embroidery illustrations made by hand through to embroidery production then manufactured into luxury lingerie with the highest quality and fit.

True to themselves, they constantly refine their work with astonishing precision to create an elegant and surprising collection, never monotonous.

Our embroidery is unique & exclusive, intended solely for the lingerie collections of the Louisa Bracq brand.

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