The Louisa Bracq padded padded has fine foam at the cups which will allow your chest to be delicately enveloped for excellent comfort, your chest will also be perfectly supported with more rigidity.

This piece of lINGERIE will be invisible under even the tightest clothes, making it an essential everyday item.

This padded model will offer you a curved effect and a delicate plunge Bra for a chic and glamorous appearance.

Ideal for small and medium busts, this piece of lINGERIE will seduce you with its timeless cut.

The padded bra is available in several collections, so many colors are available to allow you to find that rare pearl.

D080 E080 F080 G080 B085 C085 D085 E085 F085 G085 B090 C090 D090 E090 F090 G090 B095 C095 D095 E095 F095 G095 B100 C100 D100 E100 F100 B105 C105 D105 E105 B110 C110 D110 B115 C115 B120
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